M/M Romance Valentine’s Giveaway

For this years M/M Valentine’s Giveaway we have twenty new short stories for you. Word counts range from 5k to 23k. The authors are: Isobel Starling, Jackie Keswick, Chris Mc Hart, A.M Arthur, Liv Rancourt and Irene Preston, Helena Stone, Dale Cameron Lowry, Alina Popescu, Bronwyn Heeley, Teodora Kostova, Frank W. Butterfield, April Kelley, Tanya Chris, Kate Pavelle, Sue Brown, C.L Mustafic, B L Morticia, Lillian Francis. J.Scott Coatsworth, and Leona Windwalker.

You can download your FREE ebooks HERE

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HAPPY READING and I hope you discover some new m/m authors