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Book Title: Secret Baby Omega

A Non-Shifter Omegaverse M/M Mpreg Romance: Road To Forgiveness #1

Author: Alice Shaw

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Cosmic Letterz

Genre/s: Romance, LGBTQ, gay, MM, Mpreg

Length:  60,000 words   




Will a surprise baby be their last mistake or their first miracle?

The night starts with a stolen truck engine, a bottle of whiskey, and Jax, a tough alpha from a small town. When Schwartz wakes in Jax’s bed, he wants to write the whole thing off. Jax is bad news and Schwartz is barren… or so he thinks.

Jax is trying to change his bad boy ways. He grew up poor and in a dysfunctional family, but he wants to be something better. Then he gets Schwartz pregnant and everything falls apart.

It started out as a mistake. Now, they have to make it work. Can two broken men save each other and make a new future for themselves and their child?


Secret Baby Omega is a full-length friends-to-lovers, secret baby romance novel. It is 60k words, complete with a HEA. This book contains hot and sexy scenes, emotional moments full of desire, and a darling Easter baby to gush over. And don’t worry, there is no cliffhanger at the end of this book! This book is meant for 18+ readers.



I did something crazy. I took off my shirt. Next to Jax, I felt scrawny, but I tried to block that out. “Are you hot in here? I can turn on the fan, but—”

I crawled on top of his lap and kissed his cheek. “Shh,” I whispered. My heart beat unpredictably.

“Hey, I don’t know if we should be doing this,” Jax said.

But his hand had fumbled against my belt buckle, pursuing the metal latch through the leather hole. “Are you sure you don’t want to play, big guy?” I asked.

“You calling me a giant again? Because I can show you what a giant does to little guys like you,” Jax said.

Belt buckle off, he unbuttoned my jeans, letting them hang open. His hands then moved to grab onto my ribcage. His palms felt warm and safe around me.

“Then, show me,” I whispered, moving my head down. Our lips crushed together. I felt his scratchy stubble rub against my cheeks. His rich cologne drifted into my nose.

With just one taste, I was hooked. I didn’t know how much trouble I was in now.


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About the Author

Alice Shaw grew up in the deserts of Arizona. From an early age, she loved reading about alphas, and their lovely omegas. As she got older, she fell in love with MM and Mpreg. Now, she can’t stop writing stories and building new worlds in the omegaverse.

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