Author Spotlight ~ M. Volosinovszki

A warm welcome to today’s Spotlight Author, M. Volosinovszki.

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I always wanted to share something useful and important to a bigger audience. I just needed to find the right time and the right topic. The perfect time and the perfect topic arrived when I experienced a turning point in my life. After going through an extremely difficult and intense breakup, I had no choice but to completely change my existence, I was basically reborn. I would like to share absolutely everything that I have experienced with you, from my naivety to the reality of what actually happened. Through pain, there is joy, more pain, and then more joy. This experience helped me better know myself and of course made me more familiar with the world we live in: The Universe. I discovered the way it works for others and especially for me. The biggest reason I began writing this book was to show people an easier, better, and probably happier way of experiencing life. To face challenges in a different way than those shown in previous self-help books, TV shows, and other events. Hopefully, through my story, you will get closer to yourself and understand my way of seeing this fascinating world. Mostly, I hope it will be helpful to You. I believe that in life it’s necessary to experience certain situations on your own in order to have a real, trustable opinion about it. I know everyone experiences things in many different ways and for that reason, we all have our own individual perspective, our own truth for a situation. At the same time I feel when you are able to see past your ego, when you can see both sides of the story (or more if that is the case)  equally, when you can forgive others and yourself, when you are able to be yourself without worrying about what society or the modern world thinks of you, then you can find The Truth. The Truth takes you to a whole new level. It’s a pure, realistic, and at the same time spiritual answer to all your questions. I know for certain that we are all capable of facing The Truth. Although I am a little skeptical about Timing and Desire. You need to be ready, you need to be in a state of mind where you can handle things that you never wanted to acknowledge before. Once you are receptive, more knowledgeable, and discover your true self, then life will deliver this book to your hands. I want people to understand that we all have our ups and downs. Sooner or later we all go through painful experiences, every single one of us. You are not alone with such pain. It’s not really a surprise, but when people have their own pain and struggles, they feel alone with their challenges. I want you, my reader, to see that you are not alone with any kind of problem or challenge. Whether it’s heartbreak, loss, relationship struggles, damaged self-esteem, or any other challenge, we all have something we can improve to make things better. I want to keep this book simple and understandable for everyone, I don’t want to overcomplicate anything for you. I cannot personally change your life but You can. I want to dedicate this book to the many people around the world who already feel that they just want to have a more fulfilling, more truthful, and simply just a happier life. I truly hope that you will take the useful information in this book to heart. After reading my very personal story the knowledge will help you in challenging times. You can categorize this book as you like, I don’t mind. What matters to me is that all people who will read it—straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, white, black, asian, young, or old—will receive a piece of me with it. I sincerely hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.


I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I am sure you are reading this right now for one reason or another. I decided to share my vision with the world because I am convinced that people need honesty in their lives more than ever. This is my love story, my vision of life and more. I do not want to force anyone to think or see life the way I do. However, if there will be only one sentence which will catch your eye and make you think differently in order to achieve a better and happier life it was already worth to write this material. I believe everyone has to go through their own path no matter you like it or not. My goal is to help to experience it in a better way. No matter where you come from, your gender, your sexuality, your race etc., I wish my story will comfort you and make you understand that you are not alone. Enjoy the journey.