Hathonatum Roundup – Guest Post from Taylin Clavelli

Many thanks to Taylin Clavelli for dropping by to answer some queries about her latest release, Hathonatum 



Hathonatum Roundup – Questions raised and answered.

Huge thanks to everyone who has promoted Hathonatum – especially Gay Book Promotions – totally awesome. For those who also reviewed, thank you for being honest. I found that some of the points raised were informative, and for the majority, thank you for being courteous with the odd part that wasn’t quite your bag, but recognised that it would be someone’s. I appreciate your professionalism.

Hathonatum received reviews ranging from, ‘OMG this was fabulous, when will there be more,’ ‘It was a balanced, well-paced good read, but I’d have preferred this bit to be different,’ and finally, ‘I didn’t get it.’ I always expected Hathonatum to be a bit of marmite book for reasons, too numerous to say here. So, I was overwhelmed with its high percentage of good reception.

As an author and long-time reviewer, I understand that there is not a book written that everyone likes. It is the beauty of humanity and their reading habits. A single scene or action can be interpreted in multiple ways. And, depending on experience and preferences, people connect to different characters.

It’s not for me to argue with how a reader interprets my writing because reading is subjective. Then again, so is writing and let’s face it, I’m writing fiction here. I’m in the land of fantasy – my fantasy. So, if I may, I will clarify my thought process behind writing some of the aspects raised during the Hathonatum blog tour.

The timeline between Pelethus/Earth and its effects on ageing – explained. Because I played with time differences between dimensions, it was logical to reason that there would be an issue with ageing. How could a person see a time before the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and still be young enough to court a man in the 21st century? If I hadn’t dealt with this element, some readers would have raised queries. I didn’t want to go the way of the elves and have super long lives, as that is a common variation. It would have still ended up with Earth man dying first. I wanted my main characters to be able to grow old together. Others may have tackled the issue differently, but I decided to do it like this.

In the way that one human year is the equivalent of seven cat years, I used a similar principle in Hathonatum. 1 Pelethus day = 1 Earth year.

The ageing of a character was determined by their planet of origin. Thus, ageing was a matter of DNA. A Pelethian on Earth would age a day for every year. It would give the illusion that Pelethians had very long lives. On the opposite side, an earth person on Pelethus would age a year for every day there. Therefore, an Earthman would look and feel very old within sixty days of being on Pelethus. Not much point in having an interplanetary romance if it was going to be short-lived.

So, there had to be a cure. Not much point in changing the ageing of the Pelethian person, but something had to be done from the Earth perspective. I introduced circumstances in which the blood of a Pelethian person could re-align the DNA of an Earthman. In the world of fiction – this is possible. Though, nothing is ever so simple, and there are anomalies. You’ll have to read the books to know more.

Jared’s story seems incomplete. Absolutely spot on. The Hathonatum novel is about Ben and Hathonatum. To include Jared’s story would have taken the focus away from B&H. So yes, there will be questions overhanging from Hathonatum about Jared, but the story arc between B&H is complete. The two will be cast members in the next book in the series. But the focus of the forthcoming novel is Jared.

Is Ashari Hathonatum controlling? Probably, but Hathonatum is not a story about who has control over what or who and the wielding of it. Ashari is a man of Royal blood, one day to be king. He is used to getting what he wants, and his orders followed. In his defence, from his own dimension, he has also seen the reincarnation of his hearts match die several times – he’s a desperate man. To lose a hearts match is excruciating. There are scenes where Ashari comes over as somewhat controlling and places where consent is given but without the full facts. And yes, there are some instances when he intends to get his way. Another time he does something so that Ben can understand all the people around him, without asking permission.

Life itself is not always run by committee. What one reader may see as controlling, another will see as strong, caring or protecting. Believe me, Ben is no wilting flower and has no problem ripping Ashari a new one when needed. There are also characters in camp Ashari, and camp Ben who voice their approval/disapproval, too. Everyone has an opinion. But as long as Ben is happy, that’s what counts. If Ashari’s reasons are from a pure heart, and Ben doesn’t mind – I’m good.

Hathonatum is not about having perfect characters, perfect relationships. It was about two people who were destined to be together and finding a way to accomplish it. Even the yellow brick road had bumps in it.




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