Hathonatum Roundup – Guest Post from Taylin Clavelli

Many thanks to Taylin Clavelli for dropping by to answer some queries about her latest release, Hathonatum 



Hathonatum Roundup – Questions raised and answered.

Huge thanks to everyone who has promoted Hathonatum – especially Gay Book Promotions – totally awesome. For those who also reviewed, thank you for being honest. I found that some of the points raised were informative, and for the majority, thank you for being courteous with the odd part that wasn’t quite your bag, but recognised that it would be someone’s. I appreciate your professionalism.

Hathonatum received reviews ranging from, ‘OMG this was fabulous, when will there be more,’ ‘It was a balanced, well-paced good read, but I’d have preferred this bit to be different,’ and finally, ‘I didn’t get it.’ I always expected Hathonatum to be a bit of marmite book for reasons, too numerous to say here. So, I was overwhelmed with its high percentage of good reception.

As an author and long-time reviewer, I understand that there is not a book written that everyone likes. It is the beauty of humanity and their reading habits. A single scene or action can be interpreted in multiple ways. And, depending on experience and preferences, people connect to different characters.

It’s not for me to argue with how a reader interprets my writing because reading is subjective. Then again, so is writing and let’s face it, I’m writing fiction here. I’m in the land of fantasy – my fantasy. So, if I may, I will clarify my thought process behind writing some of the aspects raised during the Hathonatum blog tour.

The timeline between Pelethus/Earth and its effects on ageing – explained. Because I played with time differences between dimensions, it was logical to reason that there would be an issue with ageing. How could a person see a time before the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and still be young enough to court a man in the 21st century? If I hadn’t dealt with this element, some readers would have raised queries. I didn’t want to go the way of the elves and have super long lives, as that is a common variation. It would have still ended up with Earth man dying first. I wanted my main characters to be able to grow old together. Others may have tackled the issue differently, but I decided to do it like this.

In the way that one human year is the equivalent of seven cat years, I used a similar principle in Hathonatum. 1 Pelethus day = 1 Earth year.

The ageing of a character was determined by their planet of origin. Thus, ageing was a matter of DNA. A Pelethian on Earth would age a day for every year. It would give the illusion that Pelethians had very long lives. On the opposite side, an earth person on Pelethus would age a year for every day there. Therefore, an Earthman would look and feel very old within sixty days of being on Pelethus. Not much point in having an interplanetary romance if it was going to be short-lived.

So, there had to be a cure. Not much point in changing the ageing of the Pelethian person, but something had to be done from the Earth perspective. I introduced circumstances in which the blood of a Pelethian person could re-align the DNA of an Earthman. In the world of fiction – this is possible. Though, nothing is ever so simple, and there are anomalies. You’ll have to read the books to know more.

Jared’s story seems incomplete. Absolutely spot on. The Hathonatum novel is about Ben and Hathonatum. To include Jared’s story would have taken the focus away from B&H. So yes, there will be questions overhanging from Hathonatum about Jared, but the story arc between B&H is complete. The two will be cast members in the next book in the series. But the focus of the forthcoming novel is Jared.

Is Ashari Hathonatum controlling? Probably, but Hathonatum is not a story about who has control over what or who and the wielding of it. Ashari is a man of Royal blood, one day to be king. He is used to getting what he wants, and his orders followed. In his defence, from his own dimension, he has also seen the reincarnation of his hearts match die several times – he’s a desperate man. To lose a hearts match is excruciating. There are scenes where Ashari comes over as somewhat controlling and places where consent is given but without the full facts. And yes, there are some instances when he intends to get his way. Another time he does something so that Ben can understand all the people around him, without asking permission.

Life itself is not always run by committee. What one reader may see as controlling, another will see as strong, caring or protecting. Believe me, Ben is no wilting flower and has no problem ripping Ashari a new one when needed. There are also characters in camp Ashari, and camp Ben who voice their approval/disapproval, too. Everyone has an opinion. But as long as Ben is happy, that’s what counts. If Ashari’s reasons are from a pure heart, and Ben doesn’t mind – I’m good.

Hathonatum is not about having perfect characters, perfect relationships. It was about two people who were destined to be together and finding a way to accomplish it. Even the yellow brick road had bumps in it.




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Release Blitz – Loving Kit by LM Brown #guestpost #menage #mpreg #sci-fi #gay #romance #newrelease


Book Title: Loving Kit

Author: L.M. Brown

Publisher: Fireborn Publishing

Cover Artist: Sheri McGathy

Genre/s: Romance, Sci-fi, MMM Menage, MPreg

Length:  87 500 words/235 pages


Logan McRae never expected to see two aliens when he woke from cryogenic sleep. He has lost his ship and his people and he questions whether he has lost his mind. As he gets to know Halor and Kit he realises he might just lose his heart as well.

Logan expected to wake on the spacecraft Mercury, ready to pilot the ship down to New Earth. Instead he comes out of cryogenic stasis to find he is on another ship with two alien beings, neither of whom can understand anything he says. Unfortunately, they are all the help he has if he wants to find his people and resume his journey.

Kit doesn’t know what sort of creature he has accidentally purchased, but it is definitely male and isn’t so very different from him and his lover, Halor. The language barrier might be a problem, but Kit knows the language of love doesn’t always need words.

Prince Halor of the Hawk Clan has always been reluctant to expand his nest beyond himself and Kit, but it is obvious from the start that his feline lover is attracted to their unexpected guest. Halor will do anything to give Kit the happiness he deserves, even invite another man into their bed.

Logan has no idea that Kit isn’t quite like other men until their passion results in unexpected consequences. Now he must choose between his mission and the two men who have given him everything he ever wanted, as well as things he never dreamed of.


When Logan stepped out of the cubicle, the cat-man was waiting for him with a clean kilt, similar to the ones worn by them. Logan had never worn such a garment in his life, but it was clear this was the only alternative clothing available if he wanted his flight suit cleaned.

His decision made, his covered himself quickly, though not quickly enough to avoid the frank appraisal of his feline host, whose green eyes lingered just a little too long on his groin.

Logan had taken his share of lovers before leaving Earth, but he couldn’t recall ever being looked at quite like that. The feline licked his lips and made no effort to hide his stares.

During his time on the ship, Logan had watched the two lovers touch and kiss almost constantly whenever they were together in a room. He had seen the feline drop to his knees and suck the cock of the bird-man at least once a day. Late at night, when they had disappeared down the hatch, the sounds of their sexual activities echoed throughout the ship. Even if they hadn’t given him a show right there on the flight deck, Logan would have to have been blind and deaf not to have figured out their relationship was far more than that of shipmates.

Since he had been seeing far more than was decent, Logan had also noticed that their feline and bird-like features were combined with those of men. Fur and feathers may have replaced hair, their eyes may be those of birds and cats, but there was enough about the two of them to make it clear they were very much men, not so different from himself.

They were actually quite pleasant to look upon. The feline was adorably cute, with a mischievous grin that never failed to bring a smile to Logan’s lips. As for the bird, Logan not only admired his elegant beauty, he was in awe of his incredible strength.

Logan shivered at the want he saw in the eyes of the cat-man. He might not understand a word he said or even know his name, but the blatant sexual need in his gaze needed no translation.

The squawk of the bird-man alerted them to his presence. Logan jumped, feeling guilty, despite having done nothing to encourage the cat to stray.

The feline grinned and licked his lips again. He meowed and gestured to Logan’s dirty clothing. Logan hoped he was going to get them cleaned, not have them thrown away.

Logan stepped aside so the cat-man could pass him, only for him to run his clawed finger lightly along his chest, sending another wave of shivers down his spine.

As the cat-man passed his lover, the bird-man tapped his arse playfully, causing the feline to swipe at him with his tail. Logan could tell they were merely playing and relaxed a little. As long as the bird-man didn’t think he was trying to steal away his lover, things should be okay.

The feline vanished from sight and Logan stepped towards the door. That was when he realised the cat-man wasn’t the only one who apparently admired his human body. The bird-man halted his progress with a hand on his chest, which turned into a soft caress, running over his abdomen and down to the front of his kilt.

Logan couldn’t have stopped his body reacting if his life had depended on it.

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Is there life out there?

Thank you for visiting me here today to help celebrate the launch of my new story, Loving Kit. I would like to take a few minutes to talk about the possibility of life out there on other planets. The universe is so big we, as humans confined to our small corner of space, cannot truly comprehend the size.  Life forms, such as ourselves, could form on any planet where the conditions are right.  Surely there are other planets out there that could sustain life too?  To believe that we are the only ones is really rather arrogant, wouldn’t you agree?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe in visitors from out of space, alien abductions and all that.  No, that’s not a UFO casefile book on my shelf there.  And we’re certainly not going to talk about the New Year’s Eve when me and my family saw some very odd lights in the sky that moved like nothing we had ever seen before.

No, I don’t believe that there are aliens walking amongst us, but I am sure there must be some out there in some distant galaxy.  Unfortunately, until such time as we can travel to those far reaches of space, we’re unlikely to meet any of them.  This is the basis on which Loving Kit is written.

Set in the future, in a time when humans are able to travel vast distances in space, three colony ships are migrating from Earth to a new world, where hopefully they will do things better.

The ships are automated and the crew and passengers placed in cryogenic stasis.  All they have to do is wake up when they get there and start their new lives.

They just don’t plan on meeting other beings before they reach their destination.

While some of those in charge of the mission might have considered the possibility of other life forms out there, Logan McRae, pilot of The Mercury, hadn’t.  At least until he woke up from cryo to find himself face to face with two aliens.

So, what would you do if you found yourself in that situation?

You can find out what Logan does right now.

And if you really want to know about those mysterious lights, it was, as I said New Year’s Eve.  We saw several slow moving orange lights moving across the sky.  This isn’t necessarily unusual. At first we thought they were aircraft, but they were moving far too slowly. Then we considered Chinese lanterns, which is the common explanation for a lot of these lights.  The problem with that theory is the lights suddenly stopped, still in their formation, then abruptly changed direction and moved off at speed.  There wasn’t much wind that night and nothing that would send lanterns going at that sort of speed.  They had to be some sort of craft, but they didn’t move like any we had seen before.

Unfortunately I didn’t get them on film. I am not a person who is glued to my phone and as such I am never ready for moments like this.

I did, however, check online to see if there had been any other reports of them in the area.  There were lots of them from both this county and the neighbouring county, and let me tell you, from the times of those reports, these were moving phenomenally fast.

Unsurprisingly, we never did find out what they were.

About the Author 

 L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances. She believes that there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless it is three.

When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

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