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Title: You’re My Everything

Author: Lily G. Blunt

Cover Design: Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art

Genres: contemporary, gay romance, short story anthology

Length: 52 000 words/172 pages

Release Date: March 29, 2018

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A Collection of Contemporary Gay Romance Stories from Lily G Blunt.

Six love stories.

Some sweet, some steamy, and one or two will bring a tear to the eye.

Happy Anniversary, Jasper

Over the Rainbow

Opposites Attract

Service with a Smile

You Can’t Stop Loving Someone Just Like That

Without You

The stories in this anthology have been published before.

They have undergone several rounds of edits and the updated versions are published here.

Happy Anniversary, Jasper

As Nathan waits for Jasper in a restaurant to celebrate their tenth anniversary, he recollects their past and some of the passionate moments he has experienced with the love of his life.

A heartbreaking yet erotic tale of love, romance and destiny.

Over the Rainbow

Dorian has been cast as Dorothy in his school’s production of The Wizard of Oz.

Like his character, Dorian is about to discover whether dreams really do come true.

Opposites Attract

Chris and Andreas are opposites in character. Both fear the other wants to move on.

Can being stranded on a mountainside resolve the doubt that is threatening to tear them apart?

Service with a Smile

Terry visits a men’s designer boutique, and Ash gives him service with a smile…

You Can’t Stop Loving Someone Just Like That

Despite being besotted for years with Jack, Corey finds himself falling in love with Pierre, a foreign exchange student, who is staying at his home over the summer vacation. Up to this point, Jack has shown no sign that he was gay or that he wanted Corey as anything other than a friend. It is only when he sees Corey and Pierre together that Jack wishes he had acted sooner.

Without You

Jasper is struggling to move on with his life without Nathan by his side. If only he could touch his lover one more time…

Excerpt from

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 16.28.27

TERRY caught sight of his reflection in the shop window and smoothed down his wind-blown hair. He glanced up and down, checking over his appearance. A smile grazed his mouth. Pleased he’d chosen a tight-fitting T-shirt to exhibit his firm torso, he shifted his attention to the clothing displayed on the other side of the glass. A pale blue shirt instantly caught his attention as did a cream-coloured shirt with a dusky paisley print. Both would complement his tanned complexion.

Terry needed a new shirt for a party later that evening, but that wasn’t the reason he was standing in front of this designer boutique. A flutter of excitement rippled through his belly and travelled down to his groin. Blood rushed to his dick, making it throb in anticipation. It wasn’t the clothing that had his heart racing, but the thought of a particular sales assistant who worked in this chic menswear shop.

It was late on Saturday afternoon, and the shop would be closing up for the day within the next half an hour. He didn’t have long to carry through his carefully planned move. Terry hoped he’d timed his entrance just right. Peering beyond the male mannequins poised elegantly in the window, he searched out his intended target.

Two of the sales assistants were preparing to leave the shop, so Terry moved towards the door. As it opened, an old-fashioned bell jangled overhead, and the two men exited the premises.

“Hello,” Terry said to them.

“Good evening, sir.” They both offered him a knowing grin, and one winked at Terry, who returned the gesture.

Terry watched them walk hand in hand down the street for a few seconds before crossing over the threshold. He couldn’t contain the smile that spread across his face because now only one member of staff remained to man the shop until it closed at half past five.

The one guy he wanted the chance to be alone with.

The one guy he lusted after.


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About the Author

Lily G. Blunt enjoys writing contemporary gay romance and paranormal stories. She loves to explore the relationship between two or more men and the intensity of their physical and emotional attraction. Angst often features in her stories as she feels this demonstrates the depth of feeling for each other. Lily is forever writing imaginary scenes and plots in her head, but only a few ever make it to the page.

She reviews for several blog sites and has recently launched Gay Book Promotions, an online book promotion service for authors of LGBT+ romance and fiction.

Lily loves to hear from readers and other authors.

Contact and Social Media Information

Amazon | Amazon UK Blog | Facebook | Facebook Profile

 Goodreads | Twitter | Ello | Pinterest

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