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Title: Bleeding Like Me
Author: Riley Parks
Release Date: November 21st 2017
Genre: MM Contemporary Dark Romance
Published by: Boroughs Publishing



Being gay in their neighborhood is perilous. Being gay in a street gang is unheard of. Being gay and in love with a man in a rival gang is a death wish. Through drug addiction, brutality, and seemingly endless peril, they remain; finding stability within each other that shouldn’t exist in their volatile world.


He didn’t paint people; the curves of their bodies and angles of their faces never interested him as much as cityscapes. The circumstances of his life had compelled him to create new worlds that he could get lost in rather than reflect the features of the people he ran from. He constructed buildings from their foundations, making them taller and stronger than he was. He adorned the edifices with countless windows, always left open or cracked so hope could pour in and fears could seep out. Tree lined streets reminded him how to breathe, pumping oxygen through the atmosphere, off the canvas, and into his lungs.

He didn’t paint people until the day he no longer desired the anonymity of his cities. The streets didn’t feel like his escape anymore, not like him. Cerulean skies gave way to pale blue eyes and bus routes to pink pouts. Evan didn’t paint people until he painted Jackson.

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“So are we going to fucking do this or what?” Jackson asked impatiently, raising his eyebrows as the man lowered his head.

A wry smile played on his pink lips before he brought the spliff between them and took a deep inhale. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Jackson muttered back, rolling his eyes when the man held the weed out to him and gestured for him to sit down. “Ain’t interested in talking,” Jack said, yet he reluctantly took a seat and then a puff.

“A’ight,” he replied, seemingly unfazed by the statement. They sat in silence, alternating hits as a foggy haze of smoke filled the space between them. Trying to be as discreet as possible, Jackson allowed his eyes to study the man beside him. Daywalker was even more attractive than Jack remembered, with a stray strand of red hair falling on his forehead and lean muscles pressing against the fabric of his tight blue t-shirt. As much as he hated the color blue, he couldn’t help but think it looked pretty fucking good on Red. Jack felt his face flush when the man caught him staring and looked directly into his eyes with a smirk.

“You can look at me. Don’t have to pretend you’re not.”

“Wasn’t,” Jackson protested, rolling his eyes at the assertion. He pointedly focused on the grouping of trees in front of them, refusing to give the guy the satisfaction of catching him gazing again.

“Suck my dick,” the guy directed in a voice so husky it sent chills down Jackson’s spine and straight into his cock.

“Fuck off,” Jack scoffed, equal parts annoyed that the redhead was telling him what the fuck to do, and taken aback by the fact that he was prompting him to give him head on a park bench that was unhidden by the trunk of a tree or the mass of a boulder. When Jackson turned to shoot him a dirty look, he was surprised to find the guy leaning back with the blunt hanging from his mouth and his hand stroking his cock slowly. Instinctively Jack licked his lips and looked around to see if anyone was within viewing distance. The only people he could find were two fags making out against the rock, too into each other to notice anything going on around them. “C’mon,” Red urged, giving Jackson a salacious grin. “Do it.”


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About the Author


Riley has always loved to write, believing that life has the possibility to be its most beautiful when it’s portrayed on the pages of a book. Feeling the need to create and liberate in the midst of the political landscape, Riley writes novels that focus on LGBTQ protagonists, wanting to honor a community that deserves better representation depicting lives, loves and triumphs in all facets of fiction.


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