Author Spotlight – Dale Cameron Lowry

A warm welcome to today’s Spotlight Author,

Dale Cameron Lowry, editor of Myths, Moons, and Mayhem.

Thank you for joining us and sharing more about yourself.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in western Europe and the eastern United States. I learned Spanish along with English and, for the longest time, thought the first line of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was “José, can you see?” and that this José was an angel—the same one referred to in all those Christmas hymns as “José Josana!”

I learned the actual words to “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” by listening to Yankee Doodle Mickey over and over again during the summer before my first year of school in the United States. By the time fall rolled around, I knew most of the songs better than my classmates. Guess I didn’t have to cram so hard!

Today I’m a writer and migraneur in the American Midwest, in a state that used to govern by the motto “Forward!” but now governs by the motto “Backward!” Besides moving somewhere else, my top goals in life are getting my cat to stop eating the dish towels and writing things that make people feel like they’re not alone in the world.

Oh, and also getting married, like, pronto. Last month, our legislature removed most legal recognitions for my domestic partnership (and everyone else’s) effective at the end of the calendar year. Because apparently if we all have the right to marry now, we must marry at shotgun speed. At least according to Wisconsin.

As stressful as all that is, an emergency wedding sounds like it would make a good basis for a romance novel! Maybe I’ll write one on that theme after the dust settles …

Give the readers a brief summary of your latest book.

My latest book isn’t just mine. It’s the work of nine different authors who each wrote paranormal short stories featuring gay/MMM ménages a trois. I gathered and edited these erotic tales into an anthology called Myths, Moons & Mayhem.

I had so much fun putting this collection together. It has the paranormal creatures you’d typically expect—werewolves, vampires, ghosts—but it’s also got aliens, Bigfoot, and even a fae lord or two. A couple stories don’t have any supernatural beings at all, just ordinary humans interacting with the world of magic. For the reader, it’s like going out on Halloween night and coming back with a basketful of all different kinds of treats—each story is unique, and each is delectable.

What genre does it fall in?

The stories in Myths, Moons, and Mayhem are all paranormal gay ménage and falls somewhere between erotica and erotic romance. They’re all incredibly sexy, most have a romantic aspect to the three-man relationship, and all have happy endings. Since they’re short stories, you don’t get the complete romantic arc of a 60,000-word erotic romance novel, but there’s still a lot of love between these pages.

To be honest, a lot of these stories got me in the feels as much as any romance novel!

Why did you choose to write GLBTQ romance? Why not another genre?

I do write other genres, but I like writing about queer people because I’m queer myself and want to read more stories about people who share that in common with me. I end up writing romance a lot because I especially want to read happy stories—most of the ones I had access to growing up ended up sadly, or at least with a lot of tragedy between the pages.

Two exceptions I can think of are Maurice by E.M. Forster, which I loved and still do, and Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden, which a lot of people love but wasn’t for me, because at the time it hurt to read about queer teenagers finding their happily ever after when I didn’t even know where to meet any! (I’m a child of the 1980s.) I mostly wanted to read about adults falling in love, because I could envision that as my future. It would be interesting to go back and read Annie on My Mind to see if I enjoyed it more now.

How do you relax?

Taking pictures of animals, from insects to fish to birds and beyond. I don’t like to take pictures of people; unless you’re dealing with actors, it can become an awkward because the usual rules of social interaction don’t apply. But animals don’t pose and don’t pay much attention to me beyond eyeing me up as potential predator or prey.

The other reason I like photographing animals is that it requires a lot of focus. The animal isn’t posing for me, so I need to be in the moment, ready to take a shot at the exact instant the animal does something interesting.

It doesn’t matter how long my to-do list is or how stressed out I am. If I leave the house/home office with my camera and find something to take pictures of, I will forget about my human obligations for a while.

DSCN0018 copy

About Myths Moons and Mayhem

MythsMoonsMayhem-ebookcover_opt copy

Myths, moons, and mayhem make the perfect threesome—and so do the men in this anthology.

Enjoy nine erotic stories of paranormal ménages a trois fueled by lust and magic, where mystical forces collide with the everyday world and even monsters have their own demons to conquer.

A werewolf gets a lust-fueled lesson on fitting in with the pack, a professor unlocks ancient secrets and two men’s hearts, and a pair of supernaturals find themselves at the erotic mercy of a remarkable human. Ghosts, fairies, aliens, and mere mortals test the boundaries of their desires, creating magic of their own.

Editor Dale Cameron Lowry brings you tales by favorite authors such as Rob Rosen and Clare London, as well as by newcomers to the genre. The paranormal lust and polymythic beings of Myths, Moons & Mayhem will spark your fantasies and fuel your bonfires.



To celebrate the release of the paranormal gay ménage anthology Myths, Moons & Mayhem, editor Dale Cameron Lowry is giving away a bunch of paranormal and ménage ebooks for your reading pleasure.

Enter to win here.

About Dale Cameron Lowry

Dale Cameron Lowry had a jagged forehead scar before Harry Potter made it cool. When not busy fighting evil, Dale writes and edits queer romance and speculative fiction. Come to think of it, maybe those are ways of fighting evil too.

You can find the most up-to-date list of Dale’s books and anthologies at


Thank you for telling us more about yourself and good luck with the new anthology.

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